Farage Must Fold

Gosh, there are so many pics out there of Mr Farage with a pint!

Much as we admire Nigel Farage’s consistency in supporting his cause, his present political positioning is just madness.

Clearly, he could never have thought that Boris would tear up his deal just because it is not No Deal – which seems to be Farage’s target, So what does Nigel want? Most Brexiteers can live with Boris’ deal – and many remainers can live with the withdrawal, as it least it isn’t a crash, and it moves the topic on. The Brexit Party have no chance of power, and in many close marginals, they risk drawing just enough voters away from the Tories to gift the seat to Labour or the Liberals.

Just as in Peterborough and Brecon by-elections, they could well split the leave vote, and let one of the other parties to win, with many fewer than half of the votes cast. Does Nigel really want to be the man who let Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10? We think not. So the only conclusion is that he thinks there may be a peerage in it for him if he backs down. There can be no other logical motivation for Mr Farage to take such an extreme position.

Our Forecast

The Brexit Party will withdraw from all seats except those where the Tories have no chance anyway – ie Northern Labour-held seats. Nigel will magnanimously agree to back Boris’s deal as being better than any of the plausible alternatives. In due time, Mr Farage will enter the House of Lords.

Lord Farage of England! You heard it here first.

Feel Pity For Christopher Davies MP and His Expenses Claim

Christopher Davies MP for Brecon and Radnorshire has pleaded guilty to cheating on his expenses – as reported in the Guardian and elsewhere last week.

Christopher Davies – in happier times

But here is the rub. He wasn’t trying to defraud the public purse of money, nor was there any element of personal financial gain for him. As a new MP, he was just struggling to allocate a legitimate expense to the right budget. In what way is that a serious crime?????

We all remember the horrors that were revealed by the real expenses furore back in 2009, when – amongst a litany of near-theft – Sir Peter Viggers was revealed to have claimed £1600 for a duck house – and many senior MPs were shown to have used expenses to renovate their London pads – which they then flipped on for huge personal profit. Yet only the most extreme cases were taken to court.

There was so much blatant scamming of expenses back then……. and yet now a country auctioneer turned MP is vilified for an accounting shortcut. Christopher Davies MP has our full sympathy and support. As for the other 649 Honourable Members of Parliament, we continue to think of them as contemptible!