Vegans Huh? Let’s Have “Meat and Milk March”!

Beef Cattle enjoying the grass in Herefordshire

The greatest thing about Vegans is how they are always so keen to keep their views to themselves, and never ever ever try to tell you of their choices. Of course they would never try to change anybody else’s behaviour by making hectoring and emotionally-loaded arguments. God forbid that they would adopt a smug morally-superior tone in any conversation about meat-eating that you managed to prise out of them!

A Healthy Drink of Milk

Over the millennia, human beings have evolved to be omnivores. Or if you are a Sunday kneeler, then God created men and woman in his own image to be the top of the food chain. Either way, food derived from animals should be part of our diet. Protein from meat and dairy products is healthy and essential to human well-being. Although it is claimed to be technically possible to access all of a body’s required nutrition from plants, in reality it is not feasible. Which leaves veggies thin and pasty. Pasty as in the colour, not as in Cornish pasties, obviously.

Meat and dairy products are necessary for a healthy balanced diet. A little bit of what you fancy does you good eh? And it is healthy to eat a mixed diet too.

So what to do if one of your close friends or family becomes radicalised into a vegan zealot?

Ah, a lovely meal
  1. Adopt the approach of my aunt when my uncle succumbed. If the family had steak chips and peas…….. my uncle was given chips and peas!

    A Vegan Meal
  2. Never let a day go by without some fried food – bacon, burgers, steak, sausages. Always have that beguiling aroma around the house. (Yes, you are allowed to use rape-seed oil, although lard is equally good!)


We also need to raise the delicate issue of flatulence. When a work colleague tried veganism (briefly, thank God), suddenly his farting became copious AND extremely potent. It was disgusting.

Now I have heard it claimed that methane expelled by cattle is a major source of greenhouse gases. But before everyone is forced to go vegan, surely lots of research should be undertaken on diets to reduce the farts. Then if it works for the vegans, we could try it on the livestock too!

The positive impact of livestock farming on the environment also should be highlighted. In many areas of UK, the land is unfit for arable production, and grazing is an essential part of the habitat management. Even in arable areas, the eco-warriors tell us that mixed farming must be re-introduced to maintain soil organic matter and fertility. Presumably that is different eco-warriors than those who would have us forsake meat.

It is time for all reasonable people to stop acquiescing to the radicalised, politicised vegan zealots. Let’s have Meat and Milk March to reaffirm the healthy life-enhancing properties of traditional tasty food!

Hereford Cattle basking in the sunshine

PS. I’m not sure who first crafted the idea of vegans being way too outspoken about their personal dietary choices, but I’m happy to acknowledge their brilliance. If anybody knows the origin, please tell me!

3 thoughts on “Vegans Huh? Let’s Have “Meat and Milk March”!”

  1. I think ‘meat and dairy ‘ March is a good idea, an excellent way to follow Febudairy, perhaps vegans may have a beef about it, I will try not to milk it too much.

  2. According to the Vegan Society, “Evidence of people choosing to avoid animal products can be traced back over 2,000 years. As early as 500 BCE, Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras promoted benevolence among all species and followed what could be described as a vegetarian diet.” There you have it, you may acknowledge Pythagoras brilliance ; )

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