A Tribute to Katy Cunningham

This is an essay on the fragility of life, and how a brightly-burning candle can flicker and fade away in an instant.

A road traffic accident claimed Katy Cunningham’s life last week. She was travelling with her two children during the rush hour. A regular day in a happy life, the same, usual activities that we all undertake without considering the risk of something going seriously wrong.

Then a head-on collision, thought locally to be the result of a major error by another driver, brought a life to an end.

This terrible tragedy has hurt a whole pyramid of people. Katy’s two children were very seriously hurt and remain in hospital. Everyone hopes they will be able to make a full physical recovery, but the effects of that split second will stay with them forever. Also at the top of the pyramid are the close family and friends, still traumatised and trying to cope each day. Within the wider community, schoolfriends, teachers, shopkeepers and neighbours are horrified and shocked by the total, unnecessary horror of it.

Nothing that anyone can say or do will bring back Katy. We wish her family well and some kind of eventual calmness and acceptance. Friends are trying to assemble a fund to offer support to Katy’s children. Take a look at


Katy, you will be remembered and loved forever.