Theresa May Aims for No Deal

Theresa about to Spill Her Bile – picture from BBC

What a disappointment was Mrs May’s address to the nation last night. On hearing its announcement, we expected nothing less than a major breakthrough – or a BIG resignation. As we sat there holding our cocoa, filled with anticipation, we wanted shafts of sunlight piercing the grey skies of politics – or if not that, blood on the carpet.

The snappily titled How to Win Friends And Influence People

Theresa, – I hope you don’t mind us calling you that, I’m sure you’ve had worse – can I recommend a classic book for you; How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie? It would make great reading on one of your many flights to “The Continent”. After last night, it is clear you need reminding of his most famous quote A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall. There are lots of copies on ebay, such as this one. If my expenses budget was just a little greater I’d send one over to Downing St now.

Ha, in reality, we feel that Mrs May is a slightly sharper operator than that. So our only conclusion can be that all the invective against her fellow MPs was to ensure that they don’t vote for her in MV3. Hence the EU won’t give us an extension. And we’ll be out with No Deal next Friday.

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