Book that Skiing Holiday. Brexit Will All Be Over When You Return*

We reported on 15 February that Brexit fears were causing shockwaves in the outbound to Europe holiday industry – especially the ski-industry, focused as it is over the winter months (ie now – but you knew that already eh?) See Skiing Holidays to Tumble Downhill After Brexit

Our spies in the Alps tell us that the snow is great, and all the indecision in Westminster is affecting trade. Bookings are down – such that the usual end-of-season bargains are even better than usual..

Today at the Olympic Express – from

Snow is good. This picture is from today’s webcam of the famous Olympic Express gondola in Meribel.

And just to show how much British trade is appreciated, the local Mayors are organising a warm demonstration at Bourg Saint Maurice train station on Saturday morning, 6 April, as reported in Famed as the arrival point for overnight trains, this town is only 20 minutes from the resorts. The overnight train is a much more civilised way to travel – and gives a full Saturday in the resort rather than turning up at 4pm after an early flight and long bus ride. Hmm, the thought of a bacon sandwich makes me want to book it now. They should do that every Saturday. It could be useful next year, as we queue up at Passport Control!

* Maybe Brexit might possibly not be sorted by next week. So it probably won’t be sorted when you return – unless you stay out there for a couple of years. And who could blame you for that?

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